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City of Panama City Centennial Conversations Panama City: Growing into the Next Century



In collaboration with Mayor Scott Clemons, Carpe Diem Community Solutions facilitated a series of city-wide conversations regarding the City’s centennial celebration and planning for its future. “There is a growing divide between citizens and their local governments. I would like to do something to close that gap. I would like for us to develop a habit of government reaching out to citizens so that we really find a way to include everybody.” Toward that end, Clemons enlisted several organizations in creating forums for citizens to discuss the growth issues facing the city. Joining the mayor in sponsoring the forum were the Florida Humanities Council, Bay County Chamber of Commerce, the Bay County League of Women Voters, the Bay County Branch of the NAACP, the Centennial Committee, and ACURE.


Carpe Diem Community Solutions wrote the Florida Humanities Council grant that secured the funding for this project and served as grant administrator for the project.


Events included the following:


1. City of Panama City Growth Management Issue Framing Workshop for future city-wide citizen-based Centennial Conversations Forums


Like many communities throughout America, Panama City faces the challenge of managing growth. The question is not whether we should grow, but rather, how shall we maintain and improve our quality of life? Everyone in the City has a stake in answering this question.


Situated along St. Andrew Bay and bordered by other municipalities, the available resources for growth are limited. What use goes where, how high and with what density are key questions. What should be preserved or acquired as public property? How can we strengthen our communities while addressing such seemingly overwhelming problems?


Issue framing workshops facilitated by Carpe Diem Community Solutions resulted in a structured dialogue used to moderate Centennial Conversations forums throughout the City of Panama City. Diverse group of citizens participated in the issue framing workshops.


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2. City of Panama City forums. Panama City faces both opportunities and challenges that will determine what kind of city we have in coming decades. Land owners of nearly 7,000 acres in the City of Panama City may be planning to develop their properties in the near future. Panama City Mayor Scott Clemons wants citizens involved in helping to shape the residential and commercial neighborhoods of futures communities.


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