Krogh. Great scientific contribution to the buy clomid online physiology of the cardiovascular system have made our scientists VV Parin, VN Chernigov and others. During operation in the field of respiratory physiology and in particular - the elucidation of the mechanisms of regulation of this important function of the Nobel Prize was awarded K. Heymans, and for the discovery of the enzymatic mechanism of cellular respiration - OG Warburg.     Great contribution of scientists in the physiology of the respiratory center and its role in the regulation of respiration (NA Mislavsky, DS Haldane, MV Sergievsky). Of great importance were the works of F. Ovsyannikov, who described the vasomotor center.     In the physiology of digestion, continuing the glorious tradition of order brand cialis the pioneers, the huge contribution made ??by IP Razenkov, GV Fol'bort, BP Babkin et al. Especially noteworthy achievements Ugolev A. M., who had the honor of opening the membrane of intestinal digestion as well as contribute to the development of the modern concept of the endocrine activity of the gastrointestinal tract.     Our century is rich in discoveries in the study of the endocrine glands

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Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem, Latin for ‘Seize the Day’, speaks to our ability to collaborate with you, seizing each opportunity while expanding the possibilities with creative, customized solutions.

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